Circle D - Rant Room!
Circle D - 'fun, support and socials for 18-30's with diabetes'
Rant Room!
Rant Room takes place in North Kent.
We chat informally and support each other, ranting is welcome :)
Everyone has a chance to speak, but you don't have to. Some people just enjoy listening to others :)
There are also nibbles and drinks on offer and sometimes people bake!
We usually have a special guest at the start maybe a rep, company or charity and sometime our plus ones come along so they can rant about us :) In the past we have had free pizza and lots of freebies from the different reps and guests :)
When we are done we go to the local pub!
Rant Room is great therapy and those who come say they don't want it to end as its so nice to be with others who truly understand :)
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