Circle D - Other Groups & Support UK Wide
Circle D - 'fun, support and socials for 18-30's with diabetes'
Other Groups/ Support UK Wide
Several groups are adopting the Circle D name, which is great. I know all of the below personally so get involved if one is local to you. Or if you have any questions please just ask. Click on them to go to their websites/ Facebook groups.
If you want to consider adopting the Circle D name to set up your own group pls contact me under contact us. The more Circle D's the better :)
  • Circle D Scotland
  • Circle D Tayside
    UK Wide
    Diabetes Support - An amazing forum for all ages with diabetes as well as carers and family members. I have made some great friends here, is well worth signing up!
     Misc/ Fun
    • Fancy A funny D related T-shirt/ Hoodie? Visit Diabetees for hilarious ones!  
    • Shoot Up or Put Up - A great site with blogs and stories and a forum. It's lots of fun, give it a look!
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