Circle D - Circle D Rocks because.....
Circle D - 'fun, support and socials for 18-30's with diabetes'
Circle D Rocks because.....
"when I get down and start to fall there is a group of friends there to catch me and help me back up"
"It's the best group I have joined full of like minded individuals who have lots in common and we have grown to be one big family. It is nice to know there is help out there and I have made new friends and done things I would not normally have done".
"I feel really supported as I know that I have always got someone at the end of the phone. I also know that someone knows how I feel!"
"it has helped loads as sharing and talking to others in the same boat makes a lot of difference. Also I have met some great new friends, and I don't think of it as a support group anymore, more so a group of good friends!".
"it's helping me so much being able to come along and talk to people about diabetes, who actually know what I'm talking about! The support I feel from the meetings is amazing".
"I now feel positive about living and dealing with diabetes which is a massive turn around for me. I can find it quite an isolating illness at times so it's great to be able to swap stories and actually laugh about it all. I am inspired."
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