Circle D - 2009-2010 Northfleet Carnival
Circle D - 'fun, support and socials for 18-30's with diabetes'
Northfleet Carnival 2010
On Saturday 24th July 2010 Circle D took part in the Northfleet Carnival again. Another hot day but we had such a good time throwing out Haribo and blowing bubbles! We raised an impressive £30.44...thanks to all the volunteers...and hope you liked you party bags!
Northfleet Carnival 2009
On Saturday 4th July 2009 Circle D took part in the Northfleet Carnival. It was a very hot day but everyone did really well! See below for the pictures...we all had such a great time, and made £72.10!!! Special thanks to all the kids that helped, you were little stars :0)
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