Circle D - 2008-2010 News and Stuff
Circle D - 'fun, support and socials for 18-30's with diabetes'
2008-2010 News and Stuff
Diabetes UK have wished us a Happy 2nd Birthday, how cool is that!? And a shout out on Twitter!
More Media Coverage!!
BBC Radio Kent have asked me to do another radio interview on diabetes and Circle D and are also looking into some television coverage for amazing is that??!! 
Circle D is going UK wide...!!!
 In the last  few months more and more groups have been setting up all over the UK...I have been approached by several people who want to "adopt" the Circle D name to get their groups established which is great!!! 
 However it is important to know that each group is independent and seperate and has their own way of doing/running things etc...we are the original Circle D :0) are are honoured that we have been approached in this way!! We just ask that what we do is respected and that the "adopting" of our name is used in a positive way that will help to further and branch out everything that Circle D is about... :0)
The groups who have approached me so far are based in:
If you would like me to put you in contact with any of the above please contact me :0) If you would like to "adopt" our name please contact me first so I can issue you with your logo etc :0)
In the Press/ Media...
Portsmouth Footballer Player
Glen Johnson 
supports Circle D!!! See pic below...!
On the air waves!!!
I had an amazing experience this week (Dec 08). BBC Radio Kent called me to ask for a live interview with Dominic King! It was so great and I really enjoyed it!!
Hope lots of you got to listen!!
Excited doesnt say it!!!
Diabetes UK have been very good to us and printed a story about Circle D and the Project under their news section on their website (Nov 08)!!!
You can see it at :
This is so great for Circle D, and hopefully lots of people will see it and get involved...thank you Diabetes UK!! :0)
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